Like most towns in the 1970’s Newton Aycliffe in Co Durham had a great youth centre, and as a teenager living in Aycliffe it was hard not to be exposed to the northern soul scene when visiting the club.

The older teenagers were attending all night soul discos ’at clubs like the Torch in Stoke on Trent and then the Casino at Wigan. They would bring back records to play at the youth club and Dj on week nights. These records they were playing were by artists we had never heard of and certainly would not hear on the radio. They dressed cool and danced energetic and I wanted to be part of this scene. Having an older brother who was one of the older Wigan casino goers I was privileged to hear some tape recordings from these all night venues and records that he and his mates had purchased. I started too dig this upbeat soul music and started to buy records and purchase motown records and hearing these songs by artists with fantastic heart wrenching voices was now getting me hooked on soul music.

As the older crowd got older married etc and became too old for the youth centre we kind of kept the playing of soul music going and I started to Dj in the youth centre. As I got older and along with other like-minded friends we ran some soul events in Aycliffe playing rare soul that I dj’ed at

Moving back to Newcastle upon tyne in the 1980T’s I kept in touch with the soul scene and attended venues around the north east finally being lucky enough to help start a Sunday afternoon soul event in a luxury lounge bar in the city centre playing soul music not so mainstream and have been doing this for over 10 years.